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Legal Rap

Yo, listen up, I got a tale to tell
About legal matters that you know so well
Like Japan Pharmaceutical Affairs Law English Translation
Translating it to English, so you can excel
Then there’s UTMB TEAS Requirements
Get the score you need, and you’ll be on your way
If you’re separating, check out Do Your Own Separation Agreement
Legal guidance for a smooth process, okay?
And if you’re in the modeling biz
Grab a Model Agency Contract Template
Protect yourself, don’t let them take the pizz
Is Ghost Gun Legal in California?
Laws and regulations explained, don’t be a fool
Moving on to Indian Customs Gold Import Rules
Everything you need to know, so you can play it cool
And if you’re into property, you gotta know
The Legal Description of Real Property Examples to show
And if you’re in the international law game
Check out Immunity from Jurisdiction in International Law PDF
It’s the stuff that’ll bring you fame
If you’re a lawyer who wants to help the mind
Learn How to Become a Psychologist with a Law Degree
Step by step guide, so you can be kind
And last but not least, if you’re an Early Childhood Educator
Understand the ECE Collective Agreement, know your rights and be a leader